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Who we are

We are an established diamond jewellery company located in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is one of the most renowned diamond centres in the UK. It produces approximately 40% of the UK's yearly jewellery supply and is home to over 300 jewellery businesses and more than a 100 specialist jewellery outlets. The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is customers come from all over the country to purchase the highest quality metals and diamonds Jewelery. The jewelery Quarter Birmingham is a home to jewellery and metal working associations that don't exist anywhere else in the world.

Diamond Earring have a purpose-built workshop, so the fine diamond jewellery is produced on-site by their specialist team of mounters and setters. This ensures that every single piece of jewellery is crafted to the highest standard. Unlike other retailers there is also the diamond store, which is open to customers and stocks a vast range of diamond jewellery to suit everyone's taste.

Diamond Earring is renowned for exquisite quality pieces with an affordable price tag. Here, Diamonds are purchased in bulk which allows for much more competitive rates than the high street retailers. Diamonds are brought exclusively from The Diamond Trading Company site holders, providing a huge range to choose from. 
All of Diamond Earing's solitaires are independently certified. This gives the customer an impartial third party opinion on the diamonds being selected. Diamond Earing provided customers purchasing jewellery a quality professional service. All staff are qualified, highly trained and passionate about diamonds.

For a telephone consultation and diamond education lesson at no cost you can contact Diamond Earring via the 
contact us page, or visit the shop in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.