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For over 200 years Birminghams Jewellery Quarter has been the home of some of the world’s most highly accomplished goldsmiths and jewellery makers. The advent of shops opening to the public is a recent development, with the bulk of retail outlets springing up since the 1970s. And now the area is widely known as a place for both the trade and public to shopand buy the finest products at great prices.

Tradesmen worked from home, or in small workshops, and on the whole specialised in a detail craft. Many of these specialist craft and services complimented each other, strengthening the sense of community in the area and fostering a national and international respect for the indsutry in the area.

By 1861 over 7,000 people were engaged in the jewellery trade. The local jewellery industry grew out of the areas toy trade. At that time the toy trade included the construct of a wide range of small items made from steel, such as buttons, buckles and brooches and diverse trinkets.

And now the area is widely known as a place for both the trade and public to browse and buy the finest products at great prices. For more information about  food, museum, shops, jewellery or jewelry, restaurants, travel, diamond rings, engagement rings at the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham log on to our directory the official and devoted directory blog for Jewellery Quarter. 

The Finest Jewellery Shops

The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham has been grounded for over 200 years and provides a variety of popular jewellery shops. The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is now widely known as the place to come for the finest jewellery shops in Birmingham. So if you're looking to visit the best outlet for jewellers in the UK, you should definitely come to The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.


Jewellery Shops and More

You can go through jewellery shops that are deep in culture and history and browse jewellery pieces from some of the most talented jewellers in the industry. As well as visiting some of the many popular jewellers in the UK to take a look at their range of diamond rings Jewellery Quarter, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, watches, earrings and so much more, you also have the choice of retail shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants – so you can shop until you drop, have a makeover, a bite to eat and refreshing drink.

All jewellers in The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham are hallmarked gold jewellers, and they have a wealth of experience in providing customers with special jewellery pieces that are sure to impress. So visit The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham for the best jewellers in the UK. We're confident that you won't regret it.